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As the author of "It's Okay To Be Dumbfounded, Just Don't Stay That Way!", From Co-Addiction, Addiction to Recovery--Doing whatever it takes to live a healthy life free from addiction my goal is to help others who are struggling with co-addiction to become aware of the new information which will help them to release themselves from this unhealthy behavioral attachment and change their lives for the better.

By providing the information about the disease of alcoholism and how enablers are hooked in to having their lives revolve around the alcoholic/drug addict, the co's can begin to see that changing their behavior can influnce the user to change his/hers.

I have included recovery in this tome because it can and is being done by those who are committed to doing whatever it takes to recover. I am sharing my life story to show you how negative behavior caused by alcohol and drug addiction can be changed to sustainable, positive actions with a commitment to recovery.

Unknowingly, as a co-addict,(enabler) I was juggling my life as mother, wife and professional without the tools to understand or improve my situation. After I met with an enabler support group and and received guidance from a chemical dependency counselor, I began to reclaim my life. The critical nature of my book combines new information with clinical observations and personal experiences about the diseases of co-addiction, alcohol and substance addiction, and demonstrates the progression of the illness.

As you learn about out-of-control drinking (alcoholism), drug abuse, and the accompanying tell-tale behavior,I present you with the five stages co-addicts/addicts will need to go through in their recovery as per our counselor, Alice Lebron, who assisted my husband and me and is illustrated by my documented life events.

In closing, my intention is to provide inspiration and direction through the dark days of addiction and the bright light of recovery.

Available at in September, 2011.

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